> beanie babies webpage!
- personal collection/favorite beanies
- hang tag generations
- other ty lines (classics, beanie buddies, discontinued lines like beanies 2.0)
- errors and oddities, clearing up misinformation
- fun-o-rama! (gifs?)
- useful links

> pokemon glitches / tribute to trsrockin!
- missingno. and 'm
- rumors and pokegods
- weird bootlegs
- fake leaks

> daitokuji shrine!
- character bio
- self ship info
- art gallery

fav. games // twewy, ghost trick, legacy of kain, metroid prime, spore, phantasy star online, trickster online, neopets, club penguin
fav. music // maximum the hormone, the mars volta, siouxsie and the banshees, the cure, corpus delicti, drab majesty
fav. animanga // ygo (gx + 5D's), transformers headmasters, transformers: legend of the microns, dai dark
fav. other shows // kamen rider (build + den-o), space ghost, the simpsons
to-watch/read // blame, terra formars, dorohedoro, pet shop of horrors, pose fx, kamen rider black, kamen rider kuuga, kamen rider w
to-play // clock tower